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Michael Trew - papershake Origami

Origami Artist in London

Origami Artist Michael Trew has over 15 years commercial experience working with creative agencies to create unique and quality origami and papercraft models for advertising, PR, branding and events.

From one off Origami art pieces for advertising to large scale production for visual merchandising, we are passionate about producing unique and creative Origami and paper sculptures using the magic of Origami to tell your story.

As a professional Origami Artist in London, Michael has been teaching Origami for many years and offers online workshops where he will lead you and your team through a range of exciting and creative models in a clear and engaging manner, offering a new and refreshing online experience. He also has experience working on set for various stopframe and other animation projects and is always excited at the prospect of a new creative challenge.

Clients include global brands such as Pandora, Mizuho Bank Yo!Sushi, Oasis, Channel 4, Demand 5, Ogilvy and others.

Papershake Origami - Michael Trew

How it started

Michael has been a maker all his life with an interest in Origami and Paper Sculpture from the age of 6 when he joined the British Origami Society and regularly attended conferences across the UK. His first commercial jobs at the age of 15 for clients such as BP, Mizuho Bank and American Express gave him the opportunity to explore a career as an Origami and Paper Artist.

After some time pursuing other interests including 18 months studying in Japan, he as commissioned to create a range of models for use in an Annual Report of law firm Nabarro LLP which led to his work taking a larger role in the their visual branding – with this momentum Michael took Papershake full time, working from a creative studio space in London’s East End. He’s had the pleasure of working on a whole range of exciting and creative projects since those early days.

Origami Digital Design

Michael is passionate about combining Origami techniques with other ways of working with paper, and often uses digital cutting, scoring and 3D design in his work to make things more time and cost effective, with experience in Rhino/Grasshopper3D, Maya, and Blender along with Adobe Creative Suite.

He’s also interested in combining user interaction and algorithmic/parametric design, and exploring more recent technologies such as 3D printing, Laser cutting and Augmented Reality.

Origami, Mathematics and the Organic

Michael is personally interested in exploring the crossover of maths and art, especially as shown in nature in Fibonacci sequences and other patterns which, while highly defined, have an undeniable organic beauty. He’s also interested in studying and creating polyhedral shapes and is always excited when these personal interests can influence his professional work.


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